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A new profession is awaiting you. Become a tax pro today!

The tax industry is a lucrative profession that offers fulfilling work, substantial flexibility, and competitive salaries.

How We Make an Impact.

Tax Preparers Wanted! Earn up to $25,000 to $50,000

YTG & Associates offers basic tax training with certified tax educators using CPA Principles and IRS industry standards and requirements. We not only teach tax preparation training, but we also help you develop customer service skills, business management skills, and marketing skills. Inquire today!


Earn extra money remotely

You won’t have to slog in an office when you join our team as a tax preparer. You can earn a competitive salary while working remotely anywhere in the country

Use your expertise to help people

Taxes are a major issue for many people. When you become a preparer, you’ll experience the gratification of helping people successfully navigate their financial problems.

Tackle new challenges daily

No two days are ever the same when you’re a tax preparer. Your work will be constantly varied and always engaging.

Gain Industry Knowledge

If you want to get into the industry but fear that you don’t have the necessary knowledge or experience, come join our team! We’ll always support you in your professional goals.

Benefits of Becoming a Tax Professional

Tax Training & Real Time Professional Support: Handle any Tax situation!

Tax Tools and Products to compete against other tax offices, and WIN!

Registration and Office Compliance: Get licensed and stay that way!

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